Singles Awareness Day

People seem to be fascinated that I am (a) not in a relationship, and (b) not actively looking to be in one. “But Anna! You’re so pretty and smart! Why are you single?” Ignoring the obvious arguments against both of those claims, the  simple reason is that I’m single because I am. The important thing, however, is that I don’t mind. I’m not against relationships. I’m just against the mad obsession of absolutely having to be in one.

This obsession with having a mate baffles me. “I NEED SOMEONE TO SHARE MY LIFE WITH.” Really? You do? Why is everyone so afraid of going it alone? It’s pretty relaxing. Right now, I’m sitting in a Starbucks by myself, writing this blog entry, and I am perfectly content with my life. I’ve got a very large vanilla latte cooling next to me, and that Starbucks brand of mainstream indie music is playing at a comfortable level. I’m on my own schedule. I can sit on whatever side of the table I want. I’m relaxed.

This isn’t to say that I dislike being in the company of others. I’m not a hermit. I do go out with other people. Drinks with friends or dinner with my parents are two examples. I regularly attend Flyers games, and I will meet up with friends before the game or in between periods. But sometimes I just want to go to a movie by myself. I don’t see why this is such a radical idea.

The lead-up Valentine’s Day seems to amplify this. One requires a ‘valentine’ to exchange gifts with, or else you’re a sad old loser. That’s not fun. That’s not celebratory. That’s just extra work. And a bit pointless. You’re just going to end up exchanging the same sort of impersonal, kitschy nonsense that neither of you really want or need. If you want something that bad, just buy it yourself. A valentine to yourself.  The best kind. (Don’t tell me I told you this, but this year, I’m getting myself the complete series of Absolutely Fabulous. But shh. It’s a surprise.)

The only exciting part of Valentine’s Day, to me, is when it’s over. That’s when all of the Valentine’s Day candy goes on sale in order to make room for the Easter stuff. And that is worth celebrating.

About Anna

Lots of things make me happy. Running my mouth is one of them. Another is pie.
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