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Confessions of a Former Pro-Lifer

I’ve wanted to write this for a while, but am also loathe to, for several reasons. No one likes discussing their embarrassing teenage years. Even with the caveat of “I was a teenager, and teenagers are dumb,” it’s still awful … Continue reading

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O Girls of 2005

I went to my ten-year high school reunion on Saturday. It was an odd feeling. The cafeteria was different, but immediately I was taken back to awful french fries, loud talking, grace coming over a sound system from the mid-80s at best, … Continue reading

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Ill Humours

Once upon a time, I spent an evening arguing with a complete stranger about my dominant humor. I was visiting a friend in Los Angeles, and she brought me along to a get-together at her friend’s apartment. We sat on … Continue reading

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Something Fishy

Smell is probably the most powerful trigger when it comes to memories. Case in point: at work, one of my co-workers heated up a meal that involved fish. I started remembering vividly my days of elementary school science. There was … Continue reading

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Fool’s Gold

Once upon a time I saw a leprechaun. I was on the el, going into Center City for one reason or another. It’s neither here nor there for this story. The point is, he was there, and he was holding … Continue reading

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The Sneezebang Saga

Once upon a time, I was a poor high school student. I didn’t have a lot of money, and what money I did have went towards important things like movie tickets and CDs (in those days, we still bought CDs). … Continue reading

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El Oh El

Public transportation is, as any city-dweller knows, a necessary evil. Whether stuck driving behind the bus or stuck on it, it cannot be done away with. As one without her driver’s license, I depend on it. Unfortunately. I don’t mind … Continue reading

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When I was in sixth grade, I went on a school trip to the California State Fair. I’ve not been to another state’s fair, so I can’t really compare if the California is better or worse. I imagine it’s pretty … Continue reading

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In Which Our Hero Reunited With Her Heroes

I’ve started reading comics again. I used to read them when I was still in elementary school and hung out with boys. I wasn’t trying to be, y’know, cool or anything. I just preferred video games and Legos and acting … Continue reading

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Utilisez Logique

Reading directions is an important skill one must learn. I haven’t quite mastered it yet. I’m the type of person who gets a new piece of technology and starts hitting buttons immediately. Oftentimes I forget there’s a manual at all. … Continue reading

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